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Nowhere else will you find the topical, insightful and informative discussions that are offered in AMA publications. Recognized as the most authoritative resources in marketing, each AMA publication brings you content that you'll find valuable in addressing issues you face.

Marketing News: Has a fresh take on all aspects of marketing, from advertising to sales, B to B to CPG, research to promotion. The magazine looks at the issues driving marketing, including strategy, innovation, best practices, branding, technology and globalization. And Marketing News tells these stories through case studies and conversations with marketing's thought leaders.

Marketing Insights: Written by today's leading authorities and influencers, Marketing Insights provides senior- to mid-level business strategists, marketers and researchers with the real-world knowledge necessary to think beyond a survey or analysis to the actionable insights that can be parsed from data, and that can lead to a deeper understanding of customers, competitors and the marketplace as a whole.

Marketing Health Services: A quarterly magazine specifically aimed at senior-level healthcare marketers and managers, it offers targeted information, practical strategies and thought-provoking commentary to help achieve your goals and shape your vision.

Journal of Marketing: Bridges the gap between theory and application, providing thought-provoking, in-depth articles covering vital aspects of the marketing industry. Each issue includes original research on all aspects of marketing.

Journal of Marketing Research: Delves into the latest thinking in marketing research, from philosophy and theories to methods and techniques. Written for technically oriented research analysts, educators and statisticians.

Journal of International Marketing: Offers insights on the latest in global marketing issues, geared to international marketers, business scholars and senior- and mid-level practitioners.

Journal of Public Policy & Marketing: Addresses the dynamic relationship between marketing and the public interest. Each issue features a wide-ranging forum for the research and discussion of issues from nutrition and health to ethics and social responsibility.

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